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Collection 7: Sueños

Hi Ladies,
Collection #7 is now launched!
Prices include normal postage unless otherwise stated!

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Have a wonderful time @ our humble ground!    
Pegs & Racks

Rainbow knit

*Last piece available*

This sweet pastel t-shirt alike top comes with a pocket to give it a tinge of street style.
At the same time, you can snuggle within this knitted top during rainy days yet not let the weather down your mood with the palette of sweet pastel colours.
Pair it with high-waist denim or faux leather shorts or brightly coloured pants to let the knit stand out! What’s a better way to keep in style and snuggly all at once!

Quality knit material
PTP: 24"
Length (top down): 23"

SGD 20 mailed

Candilicious knit



Yet another quality knit material, slightly thicker than Pastel rainbow.
Definitely suitable for the cold cinemas, lecture halls and what nots! Sweaters and cold wears do not mean boring brown and black knits. Don on this candy blue/pink knit as a pullover or by itself.
The contrasting colours do stand out.
Absolute steal at 21, for such quality knit.

Thick quality knit
PTP: 23.5"
Length (top down): 22"
Sleeves: 14.5"

SGD 21 mailed 

English crochet

*Last 2 pieces available*

What better wear to get on for your high tea, outing to the gardens or day out at the beach bar without looking too lazy on a Sunday?
Simply pull over this sweet chandelier-like crochet cropped top – an instant light up to a boring outfit.
Especially on a sunny day where all we want is to dressy comfortably without compromising our look!

Quality crochet
PTP: undefined
Length (top down): 19.5"
Waist (across): 16.5"

SGD 18 mailed

Cream crochet cardigan


Similar to the English cream crochet cropped top, this cardigan will suit the ladies who prefer to cover up their arms, from the slight wind or cold and yet look classy at the same time.
We know cargidans can get slightly boring over time.
This crochet cardigan is not meant to keep you really warm though, but it does offer a good coverage with that tinge of sass.

PTP: 16"
Length (top down): 17.5"
Sleeves: 19.5"

SGD 19 mailed

Orange sugar block


We need basic tops that go with anything and everything.
But then again, not that simple and not that basic. Something with a tinge of colour will be good - to spice up a basic piece. This orange/black block top is very much underrated. It goes well with basic bottoms yet on days where you feel experimental, go with all sorts of colourful bottoms.
You will find surprises!

PTP: 22"
Length (top down): 22.5"SGD

SGD 17 mailed

Knitted frillies


*Last 2 pieces available*

Ocean blue

*Last 2 pieces available*

We see many knitted tops but most of them are ‘clean’ cuts. Why not make it rugged, with frills. We would actually prefer pairing it with washed out denim to complete the look. Slip into loafers and you get the effortless yet chic look. With a pair of aviators you would totally rock this piece!
Choice of mustard for a sunny day and ocean blue for the windy days – talk about dressing along with the weather.

PTP: 18.5"
Length (top down): 21"

SGD 19 mailed

Nude bolero

*Last piece available*

This is an absolute perfect knit as an add-on to any basic get up. It is sassy, it is chic. Its cutting gives a good room for movement. With no full coverage on arms, it is perfect even on a sunny day!
It is of quality soft knit material. Perfect piece to have it in our bags 24/7 for cover ups required or as a shield from the slight cold/wind.

PTP: undefined
Length (top down): 28.5" (when laid flat)
Please note that length is definitely different when worn - use photos as guage

SGD 19 mailed

Pastel green polka

*Last 2 pieces available*


Flowy and roomy collared piece with a huge touch of sweetness. Tuck it in or out – your choice!
The lightweight material makes it a comfortable piece. The quality chiffon makes it a sassy piece to have! Polkadots might not be in the season but it is something that will never go out of style! Depending on how it is paired up with, it can even be a piece for theoffice! Very versatile piece at merely 15 – great bargain!

PTP: undefinedL
ength (top down): 21"

SGD 15 mailed

Stone age rock

*Last piece available*

Go low key with this effortless piece. Says slight rock with those frills coming down from shoulders onwards. Perfect shade of nude to complete that lazy rocker look. Pair it with the Marten shoes – oh, this will be great! And don’t miss out those chunky accessories!
At only 15, this is a steal from Pegs & Racks!

PTP: undefined
Length (top down): 24"
Length (with frills): 29"

SGD 15 mailed

Model stands at 1.53 c.m.

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